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Experience what we have to offer.

We provide virtual asset management solutions for the following:


mapping and documentation of confined and hazardous spaces

Remote Locations

remote asset maintenance and planning

Training and Orientation

training and job succession


as-built documentation and compliance record management

GoTUwork brings you closer to your sites on two fronts

GoTUsite: 360 visualization of remote and hazardous sites

GoTUdata: IoT data dashboards, reports, and analytics


Use Cases

  • Remote project management
  • Hazardous or confined spaces
  • Group site meetings
  • Training
  • Equipment or system support
  • Due dilligence audits
  • Project planning audits
  • Lifecycle planning audits
  • Construction visual as-builts
  • Pre and post meeting preparation


  • Easy to use upload and editing tools
  • On premise or cloud applications
  • Browser based software
  • Camera and 360 visuals
  • Panoramic map or floorplan view
  • Geolocation
  • Asset tagging and annotation
  • Hotspots to data, files, and videos
  • Compare multiple versions
  • Zoom and navigate


Use Cases

  • Energy management
  • Carbon emissions management
  • Water management
  • Traffic and access reporting
  • Utility meter reading
  • Renewable energy and storage
  • Environmental management
  • Faults and diagnostic historian
  • Fuel management
  • Vehicle and driver telematics


  • Easy to use upload and edit tools
  • On premise or cloud application
  • Browser based software
  • Data gateways and sensors
  • Wireless and wired applications
  • Multiple communications protocols
  • Data aggregation and historian
  • Integration of data files and API’s
  • Dashboards
  • Reports and analytics

We offer Do-It-Yourself or full service solutions for your applications


  1. Buy or rent a 360 camera kit
  2. Sign up for GoTUsite cloud or on premise software
  3. Subscribe to our training, support and maintenance services
  4. Hire us to deliver project services


  1. Buy or rent a data gateway
  2. Sign up for GoTUdata cloud or on premise software
  3. Subscribe to our training, support and maintenance services
  4. Hire us to deliver project services

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