Popul8 Analytics | Visual Asset Management: Intelligent business solutions for the future
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Popul8 360 Digital Reality

Easily create and share virtual site tours in minutes

Popul8 takes your team safely to site anytime, anywhere, saving you time and money

A picture is worth 1000 words

Popul8 Digital Reality is a mix of 360 degree visualization, mapping, and document management that changes the way we work

  • Connect: collaborate and communicate clearly without co-location

  • Know: access site knowledge the moment you need it, no matter where or when

  • Simulate: Plan and design without limitation and cost

  • Integrate: connect visual data to other asset management applications

Typical applications for Popul8 360 Digital Reality

  • Architects: retrofit planning, design, tendering & virtual site visits

  • Construction: project management, visual as-built records, inspection & compliance

  • Operations and Maintenance: micro-learning, orientation, service & support

  • Consulting Engineers: feasibility studies, due diligence, inspections, tendering and procurement

Simple to navigate, secure virtual access…anytime, anywhere

  • Navigate sites with the click of a mouse like you are used to in street-view, no special training required

  • Secure access to remote sites without the hassle of time consuming & costly travel

  • Safely visualize remote or hazardous sites without the risk of going to site

Go to site anytime, anywhere!

Create 360 digital reality in minutes with Popul8

camera scaled

Use off the shelf 360 cameras to map site

upload scaled

Upload images and supporting documents

tour scaled

Build site tour & attach supporting documents

share scaled

Securely share with team or supply chain

Popul8 360 digital reality enables your vision for tomorrow, today!

  • Unlock new time saving processes and services for improved supply chain

  • Create new digital services to keep your business ahead of the competition

  • Get a jump on mapping infrastructure and industrial worksites for future advancements in digital reality

Are you ready to Popul8 your business?

Give us a call today to get started!

Phone: 1.855.340.6751