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Experience what we have to offer

Popul8 provides intelligent visual asset management solutions

At PopuL8, we like to help our customers take advantage of digitalization of their asset workspace to make their companies more flexible, competitive and ready to create new revenue streams.

Popul8’s GoTUsite solution enables your connected workforce by delivering Streetview-class, Visual Asset Management (VAM) capabilities for secure, hostile or remote environments.

Allowing you to safely view visual as-built and training documentation to digitally enable your workforce and revenue streams of the future. Why wait for your supply chain team to retire, start capturing their wisdom and knowledge today!

Remote Locations

remote asset maintenance, operations and planning


mapping and documentation of confined and hazardous spaces


as-built documentation and compliance record management

Training and Orientation

capture the wisdom & experience of your workforce for smooth training and succession

GoTUsite lets you instantly go to your site anytime, anywhere!


Our GoTUsite platform saves you time and travel costs to remote and hazardous sites, while making work safer and communication easier

GoTUsite: 360 Visualization Samples:

Safely go to confined spaces


Attach all related asset information hotspots


See inside energized panels


Virtually travel to remote sites…anytime, anywhere



  • Easy to use upload and editing tools
  • Hosted & view with browser
  • Secure user controls
  • Supports multiple 360 camera content
  • Panoramic map or floorplan view
  • Geolocation
  • Asset tagging and annotation
  • Hotspots to data, files, and videos
  • Version control
  • Zoom and navigate

Use Cases

  • Remote project management
  • Hazardous or confined spaces
  • Group site meetings
  • Training
  • Equipment or system support
  • Due dilligence audits
  • Project planning audits
  • Lifecycle planning audits
  • Construction visual as-builts
  • Pre and post meeting preparation

Hotspots Include:

PDF documents and drawings

Links to related websites and video content

API to link data between software applications

Still image files for detailed pictures

We offer Do-It-Yourself or full service solutions for your applications

Simple 4 Step Process:

Capture Images

Upload Images and Documentation

Process Images and Create Hotspots

Hosted in Popul8 Cloud

Whether you take your own 360 images, rent our equipment or hire our partners, we make it simple for you to capture your assets and sites

Simply upload your images and asset information and we will create a 360 visual tour of your remote sites

Your GoTUsite tour will be hosted in our secure and private cloud server, allowing your team to to to site anytime, anywhere!

Give us a call today to get started!

Have years of experience and looking for a new challenge?

Contact us about becoming a Popul8 VAM Partner

Phone: 1.855.350.6751

Email: [email protected]