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About Us

Experience what we have to offer

Popul8 virtually links your performance management professionals to your worksite assets

Popul8 is a leading edge asset management technology company disrupting the way you currently manage your infrastructure. Our solutions provide asset management tools using the latest in digital technologies, such as VR (virtual reality), 360 cameras, and the IoT (Internet of Things). Our digital technology provides you with the convergence of virtual tours and dashboard information that will revolutionize your enterprise. Whether you are in heavy industry, government, HR/education, property management or utilities, we can help you do your job faster, safer, more accurately and more proactively.

Our mission

As layers of networks and digital information blanket workspace, new approaches to map the As-Built environment are emerging. The way we communicate, understand and make decisions about infrastructure and workspace is being radically transformed—as are the tools we use to design and operate them.

 The mission of PopuL8 is to collect, curate and anticipate these changes. Through design and science, we are developing and deploying simple tools for users to digitize worksites to create a Streetview-like experience that will change the way we work. We believe the old adage “a picture is worth a 1000 words” is a true today as ever!

About Us

Popul8 was created to solve a remote site communications problem for the Founder’s engineering services company, Cypress Power.


Cypress was doing energy management projects farther and farther away from home and in order to minimize travel, often pictures were used to communicate back and forth with customer sites.

Often the pictures were poor quality, not detailed enough or simply taken of the wrong thing! This delayed communications by days on a regular basis. The Cypress team asked themselves what was the next best thing to being there on site?? The answer was a tool something like Google Maps and Streetview and Popul8 360 was born! Popul8 is based on years of project engineering knowledge.