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Simple 4 Step Process:

Step 1: Capture

Use your own 360 camera or rent our one touch camera allowing complete 360 images to be captured in 1-2 minutes

Step 2: Upload Files

Simply follow the instructions and checklist to upload project files to the Popul8 project server

Step 3: Edit & Compile

You can edit and compile your own tour or pay our team to do it for you

Step 4: Hosting

We have a number of hosting plans dependent on your application needs

Basic 360

  • Geolocation
  • Asset tagging and annotation
  • Hotspots to data, files, and videos
  • View with any browser
  • Zoom and navigate

  • Easy to use upload and editing tools
  • Cloud hosted, access anytime, anywhere
  • Secure user controls
  • Supports multiple 360 camera content
  • Panoramic map

Online demo now available.

Contact us for login details.

We offer Do-It-Yourself or Full Service solutions